Sharp Objects by: Gillian Flynn

I was excited to read the first book of Gillian Flynn, I try to start at the beginning of an authors career and follow them on their journey, most of the time it is a journey of discovery and blossoming respect for their talent. Unfortunately this was not the case with Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects, albeit a short book it lacked any wow factor for my liking. I have to say there was absolutely no one in this book to get invested in, they were all horrible people the parents of the children that were killed , the police chief the Kansas city crime expert(if he is an expert we are all in trouble). The protagonist Camille is so unbelievable as a person.. she is the oldest stray child of a uber wealthy woman who reins in the evil category, she tortures her children emotionally and physically in every way possible but is never found out before her daughter a struggling reporter Camille comes back to the meanest town around whistle gap .. I mean Wind Gap to cover a story of two little girls who were tortured by having their teeth pulled out and then murdered and later found in very conspicuous places … like in the middle of town (but no cameras or eye witnesses) Camille apparently has been in a coma half her life and did not figure this out from the beginning? She has no idea who her father is but she’s a reporter .. There are people in this story that just do not add up and the main character is one of them, she cuts words into her skin to feel something because she has never felt loved by her mother , she has a step sister that just happens to be 13, the same age as the victims and is the town bully but she never ask her about the girls, she never goes to the obvious people like say the teachers of the children or the school where they all attend to ask any questions she just keeps going back to the parents who are completely un-likable. You find out that both the girls were psychotic(highly doubtful and ridiculous) and tried to injure a classmate before being killed them selves? It is just very hard to swallow if you read a book to be taken into the writers world this is not a book for you because it is just like the movie “Truman”, you can only travel so far before you hit the wall .

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects
0307341542 (ISBN13: 9780307341549)gold_star_4

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