Restoring All Things: God’s Audacious Plan to Change the World through Everyday People

God is at work–and He invites you to join Him

“It’s easy to get discouraged by the headlines. It can often feel as if God has left the building and we are on our own. This soul-stirring book cuts through the chaos and uncertainty to show you how God is powerfully active and intensely engaged in fulfilling His promise to restore all things. Through inspiring real-life stories .”

I received this book for free to preview through Net Galley.

I was blown away by the book.! it is a book that prompts you to take action , it motivates and inspires you through the story of others, I will not discuss the exact details so that you can enjoy and discover it for your self, but I think this book will change peoples lives.
The layout of the book is the best I have seen, it informs you and then at the end of each chapter is a ( take action list) my words not theirs, it gives additional resources to continue your journey and to reaffirm the information they have laid out for you. This book is for everyone -not just Christians, this is a book that says we can make a difference in our world, we can be the change that is needed.
As Christians we are to be Ambassadors for Christ and the Church and as such we are to be reconciled by observing and acting on what needs to be done where ever we are, as we stand in the gap between the local and federal agencies.
ISBN 0801000300 (ISBN13: 9780801000300)
restoring all things image for book review


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