Galileo’s Middle Finger

When I received an advanced copy of this book I was thrilled. I had just completed a book that was about the struggles that Galileo and other scientist had to endure at the hands of religion and politics. Reading the subtitle to the book it seemed a further affirmation of being similar to what I had been reading. “Heretics, Activists and the search for justice in Science”. I was wrong.
Alice Dreger is professor of Clinical medical humanities at Northwestern University and a self proclaimed feminist, she admits to the fact that she was involved with groups that had political agendas and were trying to push their beliefs on others. (whoa), red flags are flying people. Lets just look at the people who helped to fund her book and her work: John Simon Guggenheim foundation, financial support was given by the Gill foundation , and the Arcus Foundation.The Arcus foundation is “a private grant making organization dedicated to supporting LGBT social justice and the conservation of great apes”. (I kid you not look up there website! The Gill Foundation was established to provide charitable grants in pursuit of full equality for all LGBT americans. (do you see a pattern here). unbiased – I think not!

She attest to the notion that Galileo had a certain mindset that set him apart from normal vanilla scientist and she compares herself and a few others that work on controversial matters (mainly sexual) and as having this same mindset. First of all she is no Galileo and her self proclaimed martyrdom is nothing more than a feminist pity party (how dare someone not agree with her far leftest ideas ). She speaks of one of her colleagues ( a college professor )which she describes as having this same Galileo mindset who had a stay after class session to have a sexual exhibitionist couple demonstrate how to DIY a sex toy made from a reciprocating saw and then demonstrate its use! This is someone who is comparing themselves to Galileo. enough said. read at your own ignorance.



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