Made in America

In recent days the News (60 Minutes) has told stories of Chinese Flooring being sold in the US that is saturated in so much formaldehyde that it brook the testing equipment , there was the Chinese drywall , the pet snacks made in China that are killing pets, the lead tainted toys made in China being sold in Dollar stores that are harming our children, I could go on and on.

My question is why has it gotten this far?

Not too long ago America was the manufacturing mecca of the world, we stood alone in our ability to make anything we needed to succeed, that rapidly disappeared with the importing of goods that increased dramatically in the late 70’s, remember that this is also the time when we started as a country to value anything that was not American due in part to the Vietnam war and Nixon and the Love, sex and drug movement. We were so anti american that we devalued ourselves. We began buying cars from Japan, Germany and anywhere else but here, leading to the loss of jobs.Companies shut down and entire towns disappeared. Now we are a country that outsources  our jobs and imports almost everything we own.

My fear and concern comes from the fact that we are being killed off slowly and we ask for it to be done. We as a country must stop this self inflicted genocide before it is too late, if we want to rise back from the ashes as a great country to again be the leader and not the tail, we  have to make drastic changes now.

I dare anyone reading this to go to a retail store and find something made in America. Cotton is not cotton, our food is genetically modified and processed to the point that we are killing ourselves from sugars and preservatives, it is no small wonder that diabetes is growing and will soon be one of the major causes of death to Americans and that 1 in 10 children will have some form of  Autism by the year 2050 due to pesticides that we intake with our food.

If you go to Walmart look on the bottom of any appliance they sell, ask your self why does it say made exclusively for Walmart? whether it is GE, Hamilton Beach, Bissell they all say it…don’t you wonder what is different about this toaster compared to one bought else where other than the extremely lower price you paid.Think about it..just like the 60 minutes piece stated about the Lumber Liquidators (another super store like Walmart). that is how they keep the price so low they use inferior material full of chemicals that will kill you. Let me ask you is saving a buck or two worth your life? well you say how can a toaster kill me? lets see… inferior parts that get overheated and catch fire while your sleeping .huh (this is not based on any particular incident, I am merely speculating what inferior parts could lead to).While you are at Walmart grab a piece of clothing from the rack look at where it is made… Indonesia. look at the home goods sheets that are cotton rich (what does that mean) it means they put a little cotton in the mix of whatever else they are stirring in the pot that day to make the sheets you sleep under each night. Ok enough Walmart bashing they didn’t create the problem but they sure did cash in on it.By the way if you are old enough to remember the first Walmart’s they were champions for American made merchandise they even had commercials that focused on it and we were suppose to spread our goods across the world to others boy that sure did get turned around. Lets discuss the fact that China owns more of America than we do, in the last decade they have bought vast amounts of real estate and banks and financial companies and stocks and anything else we were willing to sell them. your phone is made in China your TV, your computer …your medicine.

If you don’t believe the urgency or the extent to which the pharmaceutical problem has gotten please read this article in the New York Times .

So you are saying about right now well what are we suppose to do about it. Well folks I am sure that the Bostonian’s said the same thing  before the Tea party. We must fight. You say well, that is why I voted so and so into office, to fight for me.

May I just say that while most politicians are there for noble reasons some are there to get inside information and to profit from foreign lobbying groups , not to help you. We must make this our fight. we must stand up and say NO, NO, NO, this is not OK. Call your representatives ,write to the congress , tweet to your friends, chat with others, whatever it takes. Start by boycotting the companies and products that refuse to listen to reason and change there ways for the betterment of the consumer. they’ll say oh you wont be able to afford the product if we try to make it here, and to that we must say- we can’t afford not to make it here, better to be broke than dead I always say.

In the coming days and months I am going to compile as much information to inform anyone who wants to know what the products are who is making them and how we can begin to stop this onslaught of inferior products being forced down our throats. One voice can start an avalanche and I’m willing to be that voice. Are you?

You may ask who are you some expert that knows something we don’t? No I am a mom and an American. I am a concerned citizen with rights that were blood bought to get and I will use my rights to stop this injustice however I can.


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