The Magic of Books

Quoth The Wordsmith

The Magic of BooksAn interesting article was publishing recently, which spoke to the benefits of reading paper books. I highly suggest you read it, even if you prefer onscreen reading. In the article, it talks about how actually physically turning the pages of a book helps you to absorb the story, as well as giving you a sense of control—you can flip back and forth as you choose, fold pages, and even feel a sense of completion at the end of a page or chapter. Not things that you can generally do with e-books. I know that some allow you control, depending on your ereader, but not all.

This article got me thinking about the different ways that books can influence our minds, even in the simplest of forms. For me, they are a means to time travel, a comfort “food”, and landmarks of learning and experiences.

For example, when I open a…

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