The Box- not fitting in is good sometimes

Not fitting inside the box

the act of writing is more important then the words you write.

Putting pen to paper is an act of freedom, you are releasing the anger, sadness, happiness, joy,grieve and in such unloading the burden of it. Once the words are out you have that emotional release that is utterly freeing.

Whether or not people ever see it or you keep it all to yourself it is still unleashed from your spirit and no longer held in, creating conflict within your soul.

The act of writing is pure self expression, it is not meant to be conformed to one ideal or thought process.

It is beauty , it is a a vision in your mind that you create with words; ancient castles and fire breathing dragons or secret gardens where rabbits wear hats and drink tea, they are all formed in your mind and then released when you put them down on paper. Hide it away or share it with others it makes no difference, because when the time comes that you want to remember how you felt on that day in your past or what your young dreams held for you, you can just turn the page to that moment and relive it all again.

People can not judge your writing , they may critique your form or your style but not the words, they did not live that moment in your life that gave you the feeling ,they did not walk the years with you while you suffered at the hands of injustice. No, the words belong to you and they have no right to criticize your chose of words.

So write. Just write. Write words sentences ,verbs, adjectives, murmurs- anything that you want to, it is your interpretation and your expression that counts , so while they preach about following the instructions and adhering to the guidelines just remember it is better not to fit in the box, be you.!

P. Lloyd

October 2014


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