Who Are You When You Write?

Quoth The Wordsmith

Who Are You When You Write?I recently had a conversation with a coworker whereby we discussed who we are when we write. We are both writers by profession, and we both pursue personal writing outside of the writing that we do for our jobs. Most of what we write for work is non-fiction, and because of the type of content, we can’t leave much of ourselves in it other than small hints that only learned writers would see—a serial comma here, em dash there, and so on. More so style choices than anything else.

I do write this blog, and it is also non-fiction, but it leaves more of my personality behind than my professional writing does. You can easily see what my interests are by looking back over my posts, and by the way that I write, you can make a few assumptions as well. If you were notably observant, you would most-likely glean…

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