Life is a strange and difficult place to navigate sometimes and if there is a place to ask questions and get the answers you need then I’ll try my best to make this your place to go.

So for all those who have life all figured out this blog site is not for you, for those who wake up and think how in the world did I get here and what do I do now, then Welcome. well figure it out together.

I am a faith filled mom with 4 kids a wonderful husband of nearly 30 years and 2 dogs. We just moved to the country and I am determined to live off the land and be as self sufficient as possible. I grew up in the country but we have lived in the Houston suburbs for most of my adult life so it should at the least be comical entertainment to visit the blog as it  and I grow, learning  the in’s and outs of country life.I love Books, gardening, animals, and anything to do with DIY. I review books as a passion and will post my reviews for all , you can comment and post your own reviews as well, the more the merrier!


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